Our Services

At Grace, we provide a full spectrum of health services. Whether you are here for an annual check-up or unforeseen ailment, we are happy to take care of all of your healthcare needs.

Personalized Healthcare

Internal medicine is a special type of care that treats patients with a wide variety of health conditions while also helping with the prevention and detection of other health problems. As your primary care providers, we at Grace play an active role in your healthcare, making sure your voice is heard first and foremost. Whether you are struggling with a serious chronic illness, or are the perfect picture of health - we are with you every step of the way.

Our Services

We are committed to your health.

You'll find that we offer all the services you and your family need to achieve and maintain a healthy lifestyle including:

acute illness

We know that sometimes health concerns such as headaches, rashes, bladder infections, diarrhea or constipation, joint pain, and upper respiratory infections can occur without much warning. When they do, we are happy to accommodate with same-day appointments to get you treated and feeling better as quickly as possible.

chronic disease

Working with our patients to create treatment plans tailored to their unique needs is what we are passionate about. Especially when it comes to chronic diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, thyroid problems, and mental health. We are here to be your primary resource for treatment and your healthcare advocate. If necessary, we are also happy to refer you to an appropriate specialist.

diabetes management

Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes can be challenging, but we are here to help through every step of the process. With our comprehensive treatment approach, we can provide nutritional coaching, ensure you are on the appropriate medications, and follow-up closely while adjusting therapies.

mental health

At Grace, we believe that wellness extends beyond the physical. Instead, we take a “whole patient” approach— we see the patient as body, mind, and spirit. In recognizing the importance of mental health, we are eager to help in treating your needs such as depression, anxiety, and insomnia. We utilize a comprehensive treatment plan including medication, counseling, and lifestyle modifications to help you feel your best.

weight loss

The weight loss journey looks different for everyone, no two people are the same. We prioritize creating a plan for weight loss that considers your unique dietary preferences and health needs. We also partner with a Nutritional Coach to help you along the way.

annual physicals

An annual physical is a general health and wellness check-up where we will screen for any potential underlying conditions. We do this by assessing your personal health history, factoring in recommendations for your age group, and performing diagnostic tests. We screen preventatively for things such as cancer, anemia, kidney/liver abnormalities, elevated cholesterol, and diabetes.


We are able to provide immunizations in our office and will counsel you regarding the recommended vaccinations based on your age group. At this time, we are able to perform immunizations for Influenza, Prevnar 13, Pneumovax 23, Tetanus, and PPD skin tests for TB. If you require a vaccine that we do not have in-office, we can assist you in finding a pharmacy to administer the vaccine you need.

in-house labs

At Grace, we are a “one-stop-shop”. Our on-site FDA-approved laboratory allows us to draw your lab work before or after your visit. We can perform blood draws and urine tests to evaluate for both acute illnesses and chronic disease progression. Our turn-around time for most labs is one business day, and our Clinical Staff will notify each patient of their results, giving guidance regarding the findings.

minor procedures

We can perform various in-office procedures such as joint injections for knee and shoulder, sutures for lacerations, skin tag or wart removal, ear wax removal, and abscess care.

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